Thank you for your interest in marshalling for Love SwimRun, open water swimming and Swimrun events.

We are looking for patient, positive, enthusiastic and dedicated teams to help us provide the support and safety that is required for the race participants. You will be an invaluable member of our team and we are incredibly grateful for your help!

Marshals will take on one or two of the following rolls:

Early morning jobs:

Set up crew
We will need to set up the event start and finish lines, errect flags, banners and our arch and position some route markers and road signage etc

Registration staff
Our registration opens at 7am and we will need volunteers to check people in and hand over goodie bags, inspect kit, give out and register timing chips and help people with any problems or questions.

Parking organisers
We will need to direct people to the correct bays and make sure others are not blocked and road access is kept clear.

During event jobs:

Checkpoint/transition Crews:
Love SwimRun courses are fully supported by manned checkpoints. As a checkpoint crew member you need to be on site throughout the duration of the race. Duties may include establishing the checkpoint, recording race numbers and times with our electronic system, coordinating with the Water Crews and Race HQ and providing directions and other information as required. Road junctions, water entries and exits must all be manned. Most importantly for this role you need to be friendly, encouraging and to have fun!

Route Markers
There are a couple of sections on the route that require a marshall to act as a safety measure where there is a road crossing and to provide directions to participants. These will be solitary roles.

Food station Crews:
There will be hydration and food stations on the routes and these will need to be manned. Duties will include establishing the food station, setting out food and drinks, helping participants fill their hydration systems and providing directions and other information as required.

First aiders:
Qualified and experienced first-aiders will need to be stationed at all main checkpoints and race HQ.

Take down and clear up crew:
After the event is finished we will need to take down the course markers and pack away all event furniture and clear up any mess left.

Water safety crew

Swimming events require extra safety measures including kayak/canoe support. In this role you will be required to mark the route and/or follow swimmers along the course, looking out for and providing assistance to any swimmers that are struggling and provide directions if necessary. Water based crew that are trained in rescue and first aid are particularly valuable to us but this is not essential, but you will need to be experienced and confident in a kayak, canoe or SUP. Minimum age of 16.

NB, You many also be asked to do other ad hoc tasks as necessary.

If you can commit to a day of your time, in return, along with a lot of fun, we can offer you one of the following:


  • £60-£120 for kayakers depending on experience/qualifications with ther own equipment – min age 16+.

Land Marshals

  • A £60 Love SwimRun voucher to pay for/put towards one of our events, adventure days or courses
  • £35-50 for land based marshals depending on the roll and the time it takes – Age 18+.

If you are interested and available on any of the dates above please could you fill in the form below (hopefully it should only take a few minutes) so that we can find the right job/s for you! We will supply all the equipment you will need.

Huge thanks again! 🙂

Chloe Rafferty
LoveSwimRun Organiser

Land Marshal Application Form

Kayaker Application Form