Secret SwimRun & SwimWalk Challenges


Our Secret SwimRun and SwimWalk challenges are fully guided and supported excursions around the tracks and trails of Northern Snowdonia. The route difficulty and distances vary depending on the challenge you select to join but all of them offer beautiful scenery – you can expect forest fire roads, technical narrow foot paths, secluded lakes, and fantastic views. The secluded swims will all be in different locations & there will be plenty of treats & hot drinks available!

Why the ‘Secret’?

It’s all part of the fun and adventure! We like surprises and we like to keep our favourite trails and swimming spots under the radar, sharing them with just a special few! The route will be kept a secret until the day of the challenge and the meeting place will be sent to you just a few days before (but you will be given an idea of the rough location once you enter).

It’s not a race!

These are sociable challenges, not races, so there will be no medal for you at the end, but you will take away with you some fantastic memories, some new friends, and a big smile (and possibly cold toes)! 

We will provide the following:

  • Qualified Guides: you’ll have no worries about getting lost, just relax and enjoy your surroundings and the SwimWalk!
  • Mobile support: located as close as possible to each swim will be a van carrying your spare gear should you wish to change or drop out, first aid provision and lots of food and drink to keep you going! We will not have access to it between two of the swims though. 
  • Treats and drink: we ask you to carry some high calorie snacks and hot drinks on the challenge yourself to keep you fuelled up and to help keep you warm, but we’ll also provide some cake and biscuits (all vegan) and drinks and will have them waiting for you at each checkpoint throughout the challenge.
  • First Aid: guides are fully first aid trained and will be carrying first aid kits. 
  • Emergency transport: If something happens and you can’t continue, through injury or tiredness or because you get too cold, we’ll take care of getting you back to the start. We’ll also carry any spare clothing that you may want at during the SwimWalk.

Pace, Ability & Experience

This is a sociable challenge and the ability of the members of the group will vary so please be aware that you may not be traveling as fast as you might if you were walking alone! We will need to keep a good pace up in order to keep warm though so good walking fitness is essential. The emphasis is on keeping moving, not speed! The pace will be dictated by the guide, taking into account the ability of the group as a whole. 


Find out more!

To find about more about The Secret SwimRun Challenge and The Secret SwimWalk, including dates we have available, please click on the images below: