Frequenty Asked Questions

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I want to know more about swimrun! What is it?

To find out more about swimrun please check out our swimrun information page here.

I’ve registered what now?

After registering, you should receive an automatic confirmation e-mail from SiEntries. Then, approximately 3 weeks before the registered event, you will receive final reminder email of instructions and competitor handbook. In the mean-time, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for any updates.

I haven’t received an e-mail confirming my entry?

First check your junk mail for the e-mail. The email will have come from SiEntries, NOT Love SwimRun. If you still haven’t found it, e-mail

Can someone else register for me?

Yes. Anyone can register on your part, as long as all the acquired details are correct.

I am disabled can I still enter your events?

Yes! Please do. As far as practically realistic we will do our best to make our events as inclusive as possible. Please disclose your disability when you enter. If your disability will require us to give you any special consideration or help please get in touch with us so we can discuss this. Email and let us know which event you want to do and how we might be able to help.

When will I receive my race number?

Hats, bibs, timing chips etc) will not be posted out to you. You will be asked to collect these on the day when you register. Your competitor numbers will be posted on our website prior to the event and listed on a board at registration. Please find your competitor number before going to register to help the marshals identify you quickly.

How can I check my entry or amend my details?

Upon entering through SiEntries, you will receive an an account with personal log in details. You can use these to enter your account to check or amend any details. If you have lost your details, you can retrieve them through the SiEntries website.

Can I withdraw from the event?

Yes you can withdraw from the event, please just drop us an email at to let us know you can no longer attend.

Can I have a refund if I drop out?

Cancellation of your entry can be made in accordance with online selling law up to 14 days after purchase, except where your application is made within two weeks of the event date. Within this time period a refund will be given minus any transaction fees from the online entry system used when entering. Any withdrawals after 14 days will not be eligible for a refund. We are unable to make exceptions for illness, injuries, pregnancy etc. You can however transfer your entry to another person – see below. See our Rules and Terms and conditions for individual events for more information.

Can I transfer my entry from one event to another?

You may transfer or defer your entry to another future event. This must be done at least one calendar month prior to the date of the original event you entered.

  • This type of transfer cannot take place if the event you wish to transfer to is sold-out.
  • Entries can only be transferred or deferred only once and thereafter will not be able to be transferred or deferred.
  • If the original entered event does not cover the cost of the event you are transferring to you will be responsible for paying the difference in cost.
  • If the new event costs less than the original event you will not be subject to a refund for this amount.

Please contact us at
Please see our Terms and Conditions for individual events for further details.

Can I transfer my entry to someone else?

You may transfer your place to another person you know wishing to take part in the event. This MUST be done by the changes deadline given for each event. You are responsible for updating the personal information on the SiEntries event entry system which you will have created an account for when you signed up. You do not need to inform us of these changes, however the personal details on the entry must be updated: name, date of birth, emergency contact details, medical info etc before the new participant may take part in the event. For your own safety please do not participate under another persons name.

We DO NOT give out details of persons on the waiting list. You must find your own replacement or let us know you want to relinquish your entry.

When will I receive my competitors handbook and final instructions for an event I've entered?

You will receive an email with final instructions and a competitors handbook approximately 3 weeks before the event day. The email will give you all the information you require i.e. where registration is, safety instructions, equipment requirements etc.

I want to enter but the event is full, can I join a waiting list?

Check the specific events website page and click on the ‘Enter now’ button. This will show you if there are any spaces left for you to enter. If the event is full you can join a waiting list. Places are offered on a first come first served basis. If a space becomes available you will receive an email inviting you to take up the place. You will have a set time to complete your entry before it is offered to the next person on the list.

Can I raise money for charity?

Yes, you can raise money for charities, you do not need to tell us about this. We do offer some free places on our events for those people wishing to raise money for the official charities that we are supporting (subject to a minimum amount of sponsorship to be raised). Email if you are interested in doing this.

In the swimruns, do you have to enter as as a team?

No, you can enter our swimrun run events as a team or as a solo competitor. Solo competitors are asked to swim with a tow float for safety. See individual event webpages and terms and conditions for further information.

I’ve entered a swimrun as a team and now want to compete as a solo/I’ve entered a swimrun as a solo and now want to compete as a team. What do I do?

That is fine. Please email with details of both competitors. We can only pair you up to make a team if you are both already entered in the event as solos so please make sure the person you want to partner with is also registered for the event before contacting us.

Can I change the distance that I’m swimming in The Big Welsh Swim / The Big Bala Swim?

If there is a place available on the distance you want to change to then yes you can change the distance you have chosen. Entries can only be changed once. If the original entered event does not cover the cost of the event you are transferring to you will be responsible for paying the difference. If the event costs less than the original event you will not be subject to a refund for this amount. Please contact us at

Can I wear neoprene socks and gloves during your swim events?

Yes you can. See below for equipment that is and is not allowed on our swim events:

Extra equipment that IS allowed
– Neoprene swimming gloves (NOT webbed)
– Soft neoprene swimming socks
– Neoprene swimming hat (worn under your mandatory swim cap)

Equipment that IS NOT allowed

– Flippers of any kind
– Hand paddles of any kind
– Webbed gloves
– Pull buoy or any floatation aid other than a waist worn tow float

How will I know my finishing time?

We will be using external timing companies to time each of our events. Details of these and how you can access your results will be posted in the competitor handbook and sent to you approximately 3 weeks before the event.
Alternatively, all official results will be available on the website after the event.

Will event photos be available?

Yes, there will be photographers taking pictures on the day. These will be available to view and download a few days after the event.

Do you have event merchandise?

Event t-shirts will be available to pre-order on some of our events. You can also purchase Love SwimRun clothing in our shop on the website.

I'd like to marshal at an event, what do I do?

Great! We are always looking for marshals to work with us at our events. Please go to our information page about working with us and fillout the application form. Thank you!

Can I bring people with me to watch the event?

Yes of course, spectators are welcome at our events. Info for spectators will be available in your event handbook.

Is there food available at the events?

As well as the feed stations provided for competitors taking part in the event, there will also be food traders selling hot food and drinks at near the finish line.

Do you have bottles of water at the finish line?

No. We have stopped giving away bottles of water at the finish line in order to reduce our use of single use plastic and the environmental impact of our events. You will need to bring water with you to the event or bring an cup that you can refill at feed stations and the finish line.

Still have a question?

If you have any other questions please check the website pages for the event you are interested in. You can email further queries to